Zippy The Pinhead: <font size=5>WINNER of the 2016 EISNER AWARD for "Best Writer/Artist"<br>"Invisible Ink"</font><fon
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WINNER of the 2016 EISNER AWARD for "Best Writer/Artist"
"Invisible Ink"
Price: $29.99
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WINNER of the 2016 EISNER AWARD for "Best Writer/Artist"
"Invisible Ink"

Code: InvInk

"Invisible Ink"

My Mother's Secret Love Affair with a Famous Cartoonist
A Graphic Memoir by Bill Griffith
6.5" by 9.5", 208 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

SPECIAL OFFER: "Invisible Ink: My Mother's Secret Love Affair with a Famous Cartoonist": Any order for Bill Griffith's new graphic memoir, "INVISIBLE INK" will include an ORIGINAL PEN & INK DRAWING by B.G. drawn in your book as well as an inscription and/or autograph. Your drawing will appear opposite the © page in the front of the book--this is a real drawing by Bill Griffith, not a repro.
CHOOSE which drawing--A or B--by typing A or B into the INSCRIPTION box at the top this page.
DRAWING A: Griffith's mother and Lariar.
DRAWING B: How Zippy might have looked using Lariar's "peanut" method.
They will look just like these in your copy of the book. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

After choosing your drawing, come back here to ORDER your book from purchase link above.

"(Invisible Ink is) the crowning achievement in the career of Zippy the Pinheadís creator... this deeply researched family history is much more than an account of maternal marital infidelities...Griffith amazingly reconstructs the details of the affair from his motherís journals...The art is a tour de force of craft, with mind-blowing images and brilliant composition." - Miami Herald

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