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Product List
Code Name Availability
ZQ5 Zippy Quarterly 5  
toto3 TALES OF TOAD #3 (1st printing, 1973)  
ycom1 YOW COMICS #1 (1st Printing, 1978)  
gmtwf1 CLEARANCE SALE!! Get Me a Table Without Flies, Harry (Travel Sketches)  
genbw Strips not yet in the Archive
B&W Print
1-Jan-02 "Questionable Delivery"  
2-Jan-02 "Scrambled Message"  
3-Jan-02 "Phantom Limb Syndrome"  
4-Jan-02 "Great Comics Of The Western World"  
5-Jan-02 "Dieting,Shopping, and Bert"  
7-Jan-02 "Maximum Floor Joists!!"  
8-Jan-02 "Court Of Last Retort"  
9-Jan-02 "Axe No Questions"  
10-Jan-02 "Surfari"  
11-Jan-02 "Fashion Fusion"  
12-Jan-02 "The Biz or Buz"  
14-Jan-02 "Core Belief"  
15-Jan-02 "House Of Worship"  
16-Jan-02 "All The Right Angles"  
17-Jan-02 "Blemished Record"  

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