Zippy The Pinhead: <b> ARCADES #2 and #4-#7 - $125.00</b>
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ARCADES #2 and #4-#7 - $125.00
Price: 125.00
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ARCADES #2 and #4-#7 - $125.00
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ARCADES #2-7 - $125.00. (#1 and #3 now out of stock)
"Arcade, the Comics Revue" (1975-6) was the quintessential "first wave" Underground Comic anthology magazine. Edited and with work by by Bill Griffith and Art Spiegelman, it featured great comics and fiction by the "best of the best"- R. Crumb, Charles Bukowski, Paul Krassner, Justin Green, S. Clay Wilson, Robert Williams, Gilbert Shelton, Kim Deitch, Spain, Aline Kominsky, Diane Noomin, Jay Lynch, Michael McMillan, MK Brown and dozens of others.
Own the complete collection and save $50.00 off the cost of individual copies. TO SEE CONTENTS OF EACH ISSUE, GO TO
page 3 of this section.
8 1/2" by 11", book stock
44-52 pages each.
First Printings, all in MINT CONDITION.

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