Zippy The Pinhead: <font size="6">HUGE SALE!</font>Zippy Annual #2: NOW ONLY $7.95 !
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HUGE SALE!Zippy Annual #2: NOW ONLY $7.95 !
Price: $7.95
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HUGE SALE!Zippy Annual #2: NOW ONLY $7.95 !
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HUGE SALE: Was $19.95--now ONLY $7.95!
Hundreds of Daily Zippy strips from April 2000 to September 2001, including 76 Sunday Color strips. Includes chapters on Zippy's favorite Diners and Roadside Attractions (real places Zippy visits from around the U.S. and the globe).
"Zippy boggles the mind, expands the consciousness, and whales on the funny bone like the Marx Brothers reborn as TV pitchmen."
- Booklist
Bill Griffith's ZIPPY THE PINHEAD is a pop culture icon. Born in underground comix, the surrealist character is now one of the most recognizable characters on the newspaper pages. Syndicated since 1986 by King Features, ZIPPY is read in over 200 newspapers seven days a week.
Zippy's trademark non-sequitur, "Are we having fun yet?" has become so often-repeated that it is now in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. His likeness was graffittied on the former Berlin Wall, while Dan Aykroyd is rumored to have created his Saturday Night Live characters,the Coneheads, after seeing Zippy for the first time.
8 1/2" by 11", color section, 144 pgs.

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