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LIMITED TIME HUGE SALE: "Bill Griffith: Lost & Found"
a big new 392 page collection of Bill Griffith's early work,most of it from his Underground years.

Bill Griffith: Lost & Found collects hundreds of Griffith’s early underground comics, most of them long out of print and unavailable. Much of the work will be unfamiliar and a real revelation to those readers who only know Griffith from his long-running Zippy strip. Beginning in 1969, Griffith contributed stories to a long list of legendary undergrounds. Lost and Found is not only a collection of these underground comix — hand-picked by the artist himself — but a mini-memoir of the artist’s comix career during the early days of the San Francisco Underground and his nearly twenty year on-again, off-again involvement with Hollywood and TV. Griffith’s running recollections and commentary serve as a wry and often hilarious counterpoint and context to the stories themselves. Lost and Found follows Griffith’s career from New York to San Francisco in stories taken from “New York: The East Village Other and Screw”; “The Arcade Years”; “First Zippy Appearances”; “Young Lust” ; “Cast of Characters: Claude Funston, Mr. The Toad, Shelf-Life, The Toadettes, Alfred Jarry and the Griffith Observatory.” While the vast majority of the book is non-Zippy comics, it also features the earliest appearances of Zippy, not seen in any other collection. Zippy fans will be happy to see the very first Zippy stories from 1971 to 1974, when Zippy was primarily a sidekick for Griffith’s first major character, Mr. The Toad. Also included is a 19-page, unfinished, never-before-published comics version of the first few scenes from the Zippy movie screenplay, Zippyvision. Intended as a companion piece to the unproduced film, the story details Zippy’s sideshow origins and his later life in a boarding house catering to showbiz wannabes.
Bibliography. Adults only.
392 pgs., 8" x 10 1/4", Autographed and inscribed. WAS $35.00--now only $19.99

"Contemporary readers of Bill Griffith's comic strip, Zippy the Pinhead, know with certainty that the illustrator is one of the most accomplished draftsmen working in comics today, his talents on a par with those of Robert Crumb. His art -- nuanced shading; economical linework; evocative textures; fidelity to dress, gesture, expression, architecture, automotive design, and the thousand and one other accoutrements of modern life -- is an unfailing daily marvel, especially considering the speed and regularity at which the strip is produced. Moreover, Griffith's staging and pacing are exemplary.... Knowing all this, current fans of the strip are in for a surprise, a shock, and, ultimately, a major treat, when they pick up Griffith's new career retrospective, Lost and Found: Comics 1969-2003."

- Paul Di Filippo, Barnes & Noble Review

"Lost and Found, among its myriad other delights, reveals the origin of Zippy, including the first strip in which he makes a cameo, and revisits other characters like Mr. The Toad, Claude Funston, Randy, Cherisse, and the artist’s alter-ego “Griffy”. Perhaps best of all, Lost and Found closes with a chapter of one-off color assignments completed for National Lampoon, High Times, The New Yorker and, yes, Parenting magazine. The final strip in the book, about Griffith’s real-life encounter with Jerry Lewis, is alone worth the price of Lost and Found."

- Alan Bisbort, Advocate Newspapers/Literary Kicks

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