"Fun: The Concept" with Zippy the Pinhead
Impossible Productions
An original stage adaptation based on the Zippy comic strip by Bill Griffith
The Dark Room Theatre, San Francisco CA July 9-31, 2004
Zippy: Bryce Byerley
Griffy: Mikl Em
Mr. Toad: Seanetta
Guardian Angel: Sherilyn Connelly
Waitress: Katrina James
Bill Griffith: Denzil J. Meyers

Written by:

Denzil J. Meyers
Directed by: Denzil J. Meyers & Jim Fourniadis
Produced by: Erin Ohanneson
Set Design: Pamela Holm
Stage Manager: Melinda Addams
Lights: Ty Mc Kenzie
Costumes/Props: Erin Ohanneson
Sound Design: Jim Fourniadis
Stills: Steve Malik