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SALE EXTENDED! Are We Having Fun Yet?
Price: $9.71
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SALE EXTENDED! Are We Having Fun Yet?
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As close to a graphic novel as Zippy gets, "AWHFY?" is a 29-day guide to Random Activities and Arbitrary Donuts. The book takes the form of a Zippy road trip, as our peripatetic pinhead travels the length and breadth of America--and his own frontal lobes. The cover is a fold-out map of "Zip-World", a kind of Zippy theme park of the mind, complete with locations like the "Ding Dong Orchards", "Flintstonehenge" and the "Bay of Cool Whip".
Also contains the definitive "Are YOU Having Fun Yet?" fill-in questionnaire! 128 pgs. 6" by 9 1/4"

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