Zippy The Pinhead: Arcade, The Comics Revue #7
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Arcade, The Comics Revue #7
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Arcade, The Comics Revue #7
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Arcade #7, Fall 1976
The final issue--cover by Mary K. Brown.
Back cover by Kliban.
Features Crumb's Sketchbooks, Sex Comics
of the 1930's, Mr. Toad/Alfred Jarry epic by Bill
Griffith, "The Mass Psychology of
Disneyworld" by Jim Hoberman (illustrated
by Robert Williams), "Vampire Lust" by
S. Clay Wilson, stories by Aline Kominsky,
Robert Armstrong, Justin Green and
Diane Noomin's "Some Of My Best Friends Are".
52 pgs., book stock, mint condition
Signed by Bill Griffith on request.

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