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Zippy Annual 2003
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Zippy Annual 2003

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Daily & Sunday Zippy strips from October 2002 to October 2003
" No other strip challenges the reader in such a smart way…Griffith has brought back the art of drawing to the comics page! " - TIME online

Zippy Annual 2003 continues Zippy's ongoing love affair with "Brand X" America in all its faded roadside glory. The peripatetic pinhead visits giant teddy bears, giant hamburgers, giant squirrels, giant chimney sweeps and giant Amish farmers.
In a 33 strip series ("Seeing Coney Island"), Griffy attempts to "cure" Zippy of his obsession to commune with every roadside icon in America, by yanking the Pinboy away and sending him to a Coney Island of the Mind (from the 1920s-50s).
Zippy also puts in a prolonged stay at Las Vegas's unheralded off-the-beaten-strip tourist attraction, the "Neon Boneyard", repository of discarded casino signs and the 30-foot tall "Mr. Lucky", who's seen better days.
There's even a "backlash" sequence where Zippy's "supporting cast" (Griffy, Claude, Toad, Shelf-Life and occasional wife Zerbina) intervene in order to hold Zippy to his "contractual obligations" and to interact more with them. Will Zippy come home again?
Other forays include a peek at Zippy's P.T. Barnum sideshow origins as well as Griffy's childhood days in rural New Hampshire, and visits to Japan, Levittown and Fred Astaire.
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8 1/2" by 11", big color section, 128 pgs.

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